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  • Friday, September 18th
    The opening day of the film. Your audience will get full access to The All-Americans documentary plus a special pre-recorded Q&A with Becky G and other guests. They can watch it through your own virtual theatre from the comfort of their home.
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Your Questions, Answered

Anyone who is passionate about sports, immigrant communities and loves an inspiring story.

We value our partners and we want to give them the opportunity to make the most out of their engaged audience. We are offering a 50/50 split of adjusted gross (gross less 5% for credit card and merchant processing fees).

YES, Gathr is debuting a new exciting platform that will enable you to have your own virtual theatre for more than just only films. You will be able to curate, leverage and promote to your audience an array of live, virtual and in-person events and pre-recorded media.

The film opens on Friday, September 18th. You can start pre-selling tickets immediately.

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