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Empowering Storytellers, Hosts and Venues with Innovative Direct To Audience Solutions

GATHR is revolutionizing distribution for marketing-savvy owners of content, communities and venues. Own Your Data - Incentivize Partners - Diversify Revenue - Measure Impact, Retain Your Rights. You become the distributor, GATHR is your suite of solutions.

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Our Numbers

GATHR acquires engagement data that is unavailable via traditional distribution channels.

Tickets Sold

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Who likes to GATHR?

Source, engage and monetize your target audiences and existing followers through ticketed in-person and virtual events, on-demand content and 1:1’s.

  • Filmmakers & Distributors: Distribution Technology with Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Documentary Participants, Speakers & Lecturers: Monetizing thought-leadership

  • Authors & Publishers: Reinvigorating the Book Tour

  • Talent & Influencers: Direct Bookings

  • Special Interest Groups, Foundations & NGO’s: Raise Money and Drive Impact through Hosting Content

Diagram of Gathr's unique event platform showing how talent, event organizers, and venues can connect to create unforgettable events.

The Technology

Our easy to use interface redefines the traditional boundaries of events by enabling the direct transaction of program ticketing, e-commerce, donations, and the promotion of upcoming events.

The Audience Experience

Amplified by state of the art streaming technology, we elevate audience engagement and maximize viewer reach whether its for your guests, customers, members, or organizational sponsors.

An image depicting he virtual event experience for event audiences, including the ability to chat, run polls, see where audiences are location, and sell merchandise during the event.

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Imagine what can happen when we gATHR

Join our community and start creating unforgettable events, today!

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Imagine what can happen when we gathr

Join our community and start creating unforgettable events, today!

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