The most unforgettable experiences start with Gathr.

Serving as the digital gateway for storytellers, Gathr brings together talent, event organizers, and venues to create unforgettable events.

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The Event Platform

Gathr is building a marketplace for talent, event organizers, and venues. We provide advice and assistance through the vital parts of event management, to create one intelligent platform, making events interconnected and efficient.

Diagram of Gathr's unique event platform showing how talent, event organizers, and venues can connect to create unforgettable events.
An example of an event listing on Gathr which includes the title of the event, as well as the host, location, date, time, and pricing information.

The Marketplace

Our easy to use interface redefines the traditional boundaries of events by providing a marketplace for the direct transaction of program ticketing, e-commerce, donations, and the promotion of upcoming events.

The Audience Experience

Amplified by state of the art streaming technology, we elevate audience engagement and maximize viewer reach whether its for your guests, customers, members, or organizational sponsors.

An image depicting he virtual event experience for event audiences, including the ability to chat, run polls, see where audiences are location, and sell merchandise during the event.

See Gathr for Yourself

An image showcasing Gathr's event listing page where you can look for and find upcoming events and event series.

The Place Where Talent Shines

Developed first and foremost with talent in mind, Gathr supports a wide variety of creative areas from authors, and topic experts, to filmmakers and comedians. We offer a turn-key platform for direct access to your audience, new revenue opportunities, and proprietary user data for each program.

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An image showcasing a talent profile on Gathr

Home for Event Organizers and Planning

Gathr has streamlined the execution and logistics of events with a centralized all-in-one platform for programming, ticketing, talent engagement, e-commerce, and venue selection.

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An image showcasing Gathr's virtual events platform, including the ability to sell merchandise during events.

For Venues

Solving a typically disjointed, loosely based network of business interests, Gathr’s unique digital marketplace encourages a partner friendly eco-system with talent and event organizers, and open, turn-key functionality so that you can find partners and transact with them directly.

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A image showing how a person can submit a booking inquiry to a venue.

Book Publishers

Gathr's unique virtual digital showcase provides publishers an impactful, cost effective sales and marketing solution. Serving to complement or as an alternative to in-person retail book tours, unique revenue opportunities exist to generate direct e-commerce sales on the  event platform.

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Gathr's digital event platform, interactive format, and high production technology provides exciting opportunities for producers, directors, screenwriters and actors to showcase and discuss their newest projects and directly engage with audiences and their fan base.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Gathr provides a cost effective solution to seamlessly integrate and enhance fundraising and development activities, connect with members and benefactors and drive event ROI including sponsorships through ticketed event experiences all centralized on one platform.

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Imagine what can happen when we gathr

Join our community and start creating unforgettable events, today!

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Imagine what can happen when we gathr

Join our community and start creating unforgettable events, today!

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As a company with roots in filmmaking, we provide our partners with technical, production, and storytelling support, to help them produce the highest quality virtual and in-person events. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together.

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