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Gathr (formerly Gathr Films), is where talent, event organizers, and venues come together to create amazing experiences.

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Gathr Films is founded


Launch: Theatrical On Demand®, which debuts at SXSW


Girl Rising uses Gathr Films to become 5th highest grossing doc of the year


Filmmakers able to access 100% of top 20 US cinema chains


Begin partnership with AOL


Fast Company names Gathr Films one of the Most Innovative Companies


AMC Theatres becomes 1st instant booking partner


Gathr Films changes name to Gathr


Virtual World premiere of Meeting the Beatles In India


Launch: Virtual event cinema (Gathr At Home™)


Hunger Ward qualifies for Academy Award nomination for Best Documentry Short


Random House virtual book launch of Julia Sweig’s Ladybird: Hiding In Plain Sight


HarperCollins virtual book launch for Joseph Luzzi’s Botticelli’s Secret


Launch virtual presentations with faculty from Stanford, Yale, Amherst, Johns Hopkins, and U. Penn.

Our Mission

Gathr's mission is to create a worldwide marketplace enabling talent, event organizers, venues, and audiences to come together to find and create great experiences.

Our Story

We Started as an Event Cinema Company for Independent Artists
Gathr Films launched in 2011 as an event cinema company providing independent artists with a way to self-distribute their films. By 2014 filmmakers had direct access to arthouses and any of the top 50 theater circuits in the country, enabling them to book screenings and hold premieres all over the country.
We Helped Filmmakers Connect to Their Audiences and Drive Impact
In Response to COVID, We Created Gathr at Home™
When movie theaters started closing all over the country, we built an exhibition platform for live online premieres called Gathr At Home™, so filmmakers had a cinema-like venue for exhibiting their films. These premieres included pre and post-screening talks, panel discussions, and film forums.
Gathr was (Re)Born
In 2021, we opened our event platform to anyone who wanted to share their talent or expertise with the world. We created a platform for talent, event organizers, and venues, to collaborate with one another, in order to create great experiences for their fans.
Looking Forward
In the past couple of years we’ve built tools like crowdfunded and hybrid events, to make it easier and less risky to host events and to reach larger audiences. Looking forward, we want to create a marketplace for all of the amazing talent and events that are being created on Gathr—a place where new fans can be born.

Our Numbers

The Gathr community is growing quickly and delivering revenue and driving impact for our members.

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Executive Team

Get to know the people behind Gathr.

Scott Glosserman
Founder & CEO
Malorie Davino
Konstantinos Gozos
David Hald
Sasha Loeffler
Johnathan Ross

Imagine What Can Happen when we Gathr

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As a company with roots in filmmaking, we provide our partners with technical, production, and storytelling support, to help them produce the highest quality virtual and in-person events. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together.

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