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At GATHR Concierge, we’re not just a service provider; we’re your strategic partner in maximizing the impact of your intellectual property. Whether you’re a filmmaker, author, speaker, or talent, GATHR Concierge can most effectively leverage our suite of tools and bespoke services under our Distribution As A Service (DaaS) model and GATHR Ticketing Engine (GTE) to amplify your voice and extend your reach.
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How It Works

For Filmmakers: The White-Glove Approach to Distribution

Your film deserves more than just a release—it deserves a strategy. GATHR Concierge offers a comprehensive package that includes:

Tailored Distribution Strategy

We will devise a campaign to fit your objectives and your budget.

Full-Service Booking & Marketing

From digital campaigns to traditional platydates, we’ve got you covered.

Marketing, Audience Engineering & PR Mastery

Crafting the narrative that resonates with your audience.

Premiere Planning & Awards Qualifying

Elevating your film to the spotlight it deserves.

P&A Budget Management

Efficiently deploying resources for maximum impact.

How It Works

For Authors and Publishers: Building Your Story Beyond the Pages

Transform your book tour into an engaging journey with our end-to-end services

Customized Book Tours

Designed to captivate and engage audiences.

Book Sales & Ticketing

Direct to Audience™ pre-sales of books & Event Ticketing.

Driving Attendance & Data Capture

Capture audience data to re-engage, cross promote and upsell.

Marketing Mastery

Crafting campaigns that resonate with your readers.
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How It Works

For Talent: Navigating Your Success

Your talent is unique, and so is our approach to managing it.

Profile Management

We will build and maintain your Talent Profile(s), Offerings, Products, Video Content.

Fielding Demand & Negotiation

Let GATHR Concierge negotiate on your behalf.

Liaison Services

Bridging the gap between you and lucrative opportunities.

Join the Movement:
Uniting Brands, Filmmakers, NGOs, and More

Innovation thrives on collaboration. At GATHR Concierge, we believe in the power of uniting diverse voices and visions. Whether it’s a groundbreaking film project, a transformative book tour, or a dynamic speaking series, we’re here to co-create and bring your vision to life. Together, let’s shape the future of intellectual property engagement.
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