All-in-one event platform for non-profits


Drive impact, revenue and engagement with the most comprehensive suite of Event Management and Talent Booking tools at your fingertips.  

Why Should You Use Gathr?

Because you can raise more for your mission for much less.


Engaging Virtual Events

No Zoom Fatigue

Creation, management and ticketing with scores of Watch Page integrations, embedding Gathr's proprietary live stream technology, or your own preferred 3rd party streaming platform. 


In Person &

Hybrid Events

Leverage the most cutting-edge event management and ticketing technology to engage with your attendees -- plus the ones who can't make it in person! Gathr provides a virtual event addition.


Unparalleled Features

Unreal Pricing

Other event platforms charge hundreds of dollars in upfront subscription fees to access fewer features. With Gathr you only pay a 25 cent per attendee fee for your Free Events. Compare.

let's run the numbers

Your charity could raise up to $12,000 a month or $144,000 a year*

*Less transaction and platform usage fees.

Woah, what's that tiny fine print?

The transaction fee? Okay here it is in 14px. It's our 3rd party processor's 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction taken off each ticket sale. 

For your Free Events you pay just 25 cents per attendee, or 50 cents per attendee if you use our virtual live-stream. That's comparable to Paperless Post invitations (and, ehem, they charge in bulk).

logo_eventbrite_2 (1)


EventBrite gouges your attendees

We cap our ticket service fees at $4. EventBrite charges twice what we charge on tickets costing over $100.

logo_hopin_2 (1)


Hopin is cost prohibitive

To approximate the suite of features Gathr offers you'd have to pay $799/month on Hopin.

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CrowdCast's Free Plan is hardly desirable

CrowdCast and Zoom limit event duration and omit crucial features. Gathr is free to use for events with 20 or fewer attendees.

Events On Demand™

Oh, did we also mention you can eliminate all of your costs and risk by selecting this option, which allows you to gather enough attendees to reserve tickets (by pre-authorizing their credit cards) so that you can ensure you are in the black when your event is confirmed. 

special perks

Earn Elite Host Status

Elite Hosts get special perks including the ability to publish their events to SI TIX for greater visibility and credibility.

Gathr took my event to a level that I never thought possible. On my own, it probably would have been mediocre. Gathr made it high end.

Erin Caroll-Manning

Newborn Care Specialist

Imagine what can happen when we Gathr.