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Unique to the book publishing community, Gathr is an event platform that provides authors, publishers, retailers, and event organizers with new opportunities to cross promote, engage, and transact with fans.

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Our Publishing Ecosystem

We bring together the digital and in-person publishing world for the creation, organization, promotion, sales, and participation in events.

Diagram of Gathr's book publishing ecosystem including ticketing, data capture, book pre-orders, event programming, and the audience experience.

The Audience Experience

Fully customize your watch page with multiple integrations - amplify interaction with polls, live-chat, an interactive map, and more.

An iPod showing the Gathr streaming experience, including chat, polls, and merchandise sales.

Growth Opportunities

Gathr provides a broad range of opportunities to our book publishing partners.

Accelerate New Revenue Growth

  • Support pre-order book sales across all formats including special autograph hard copies, e-books and audiobooks 
  • Cross sell in program author backlist titles 
  • Opportunity to collaborate with Gathr for programmed ticketed events as well VIP reserved “Behind the Curtain” author chats after the webinar
  • Incorporate ancillary author merchandise promotions
  • Customize Gathr Watch Page Experience for automated author paid speaking engagements

Extend Book Tours

  • Significantly expand sales volume with limited additional resources with supplemental digital book tour webinars 
  • Exponentially increase market coverage reach   
  • Provide tools for additional data and performance metrics for greater customer insights
  • Enhance author and title messaging and storytelling capabilities with various production and on-screen visual aesthetics

Drive Greater Audience Reach

  • Exploit platform’s delivery of on-demand content for on-demand viewing 
  • Leverage platform’s custom integrations solutions to complement digital marketing activities 

Maximize Cost and Operational Efficiencies

  • Platform design architecture that yields event management convenience for the ultimate user friendly organizer and author experience
  • End-to-End platform solutions from pre-registration, ticketing, programming delivery and post show wrap-up communications
  • Highly cost effective with no incremental, upfront, or development fees 
  • First class technical customer support and company training

Collect Data Insights

  • Treasure trove of first party proprietary data from registration, attendance, viewing patterns, locations etc. 
  • Unify platform data points with publisher’s CRM or other marketing platforms
  • Utilize platform tools for publisher’s post event remarketing activities

Maximize Retail Partnerships

  • Provide additive sales and marketing support to current publisher plans
  • Enhance publisher value proposition with select retailers through tiered consumer program experiences, potential audience segmentation and proprietary measurement and tracking tools for greater insights
  • Implement the customization of various on-screen programming elements and platform features for co-branding initiatives

Elevate Consumer Engagement

  • Audiences can access program content anywhere and anytime on Gathr's platform and/or publisher’s owned digital assets
  • Enhance author discovery with features including author bio, images, and links to articles
  • Monetize consumer connection for back title book sales and/or upcoming webinars
  • Identify potential new audience segments through webinar actions including polls and contests
  • Maximize the longtail pre-event, day of event, and post event customer journey along various communications touchpoints (i.e. email, social media, etc.)
  • Drive greater community conversation with authors and fans through platform’s moderated chat feature

Technical Operations with First Class Production

  • Zapier integration with email marketing and CRM platforms
  • Zoom integration lets you stream your Zoom webinars within Gathr
  • Magic Links and Calendar Add provides attendees with frictionless single click entry
  • Attractive detail pages for promoting upcoming events
  • Manage and email attendees from your dashboard
  • Scan in-person tickets with a smartphone (no app download needed)

Key Platform Features

An all-in-one solution for virtual and in-person events designed to maximize audience engagement and streamline event planning.

Advanced Ticketing Tools

Offer multiple ticket tiers with timed sales - like Early Bird and Last Chance tickets, bundle your products with tickets, and track sales with notifications delivered to your inbox. Keep your audience protected with our trusted payment processor, Stripe.

Engaging Virtual Events

Captivate your audience with a customizable watch page that includes background video, live-chat, and an interactive map. Boost engagement by leveraging products, causes, or charities that are important to you and your community.

Merchandise Sales

Bundle products with your tickets, feature items during your event so your audience can seamlessly purchase without leaving the event experience.

800+ Integrations

Automatically send attendee details to your CRM or marketing platform with our Zapier integration.

Talent Booking

Feature invited authors during your events by booking them directly on Gathr.

Built-in landing pages

Let Gathr host your personalized and beautifully designed event landing page. Sell tickets, link to social media, and display images and your event description.

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Gathr began as a pioneer in the film industry, using technology to create new opportunities for film marketing and distribution.

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