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UnCharitable Documentary’s Global Impact - $100K in Value and Reach in 35 Countries Through GATHR’s Partner TVoD

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"Gathr’s unique affiliate model has taken TVoD to the next level, offering sustainable self-distribution that’s simply unparalleled. It’s this innovative approach that has allowed ‘UnCharitable’ to thrive globally, connecting us with a diverse range of audiences and charities."

Stephen Gyllenhall


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About UnCharitable

UnCharitable, a compelling documentary directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, delves into the critical issue of charity reform. It follows the aftermath of three major U.S. charities' collapse, spotlighting the broader challenge in the nonprofit sector. Featuring Dan Pallotta's influential ideas, the film embodies a powerful message: a call for revolutionary change in philanthropy, especially relevant in the post-COVID era's heightened awareness of global interconnectivity and the urgent need for impactful giving.

At this pivotal point, the team behind the film faced a dual challenge: finding a way to harness the documentary's compelling narrative to drive change, and simultaneously, to use it to support their work and the extensive network of charitable organizations.

Objective: Connecting Impactful Cinema with Nonprofit Engagement

The primary goal was to redefine the distribution for "UnCharitable", transforming it into a dynamic catalyst for charitable organizations. This innovative approach demanded a strategy that seamlessly merged the film's influential narrative with the needs of modern charities -establishing a reciprocal bond, where the film's message and the charities' objectives complemented and enhanced each other.The strategy aimed to utilize the film as a platform for charities to engage with potential donors and spread awareness while simultaneously generating revenue and broadening the audience reach for UnCharitable.

Key Outcomes

Leveraging GATHR's Partner TVoD system, UnCharitable transcended conventional distribution limits, reaching audiences in 35 countries. This unique approach enabled the Giving Tuesday campaign of 473 charities to use the film as an engagement tool. Each organization could integrate the film into their digital presence, creating a direct line to potential donors and building awareness about their cause.

Utilizing GATHR's Partner TVoD, the 473 charities personalized their streaming links to UnCharitable. This personalization went beyond distribution; it included the integration of donation calls-to-action, custom questions at checkout, and tailored pre-roll content on the watch page. Crucially, this approach also provided valuable streaming data, enabling a targeted and data-driven engagement strategy.

This innovative distribution not only expanded the film's reach but also created an estimated $100k in lead generation and potential donor engagement for both the IP owner and the participating charities.

GATHR's Partner TVoD: A New Horizon in Film Distribution

GATHR's model for Partner Transactional Video On Demand marked a departure from traditional film distribution. It offered a decentralized approach, allowing various organizations to embed the film into their digital ecosystems. This method not only broadened the film's reach but also aligned with the film's ethos – empowering organizations to use compelling narratives for social good.

Conclusion: A Synergistic Ecosystem

The UnCharitable case study illustrates a groundbreaking model where film content and charity initiatives coalesce to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem. This approach not only amplifies the film's message but also redefines the role of independent documentary films in the digital age, transforming them from passive narratives to active tools for social change and engagement.

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