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On Any Sunday Film Poster
On Any Sunday
1 hr 36 mins | RATED: N/R
Oscar nominated for Best Documentary “On Any Sunday” is by far the greatest motorcycle film ever made. Before its release in 1971, motorcycling was always portrayed by Hollywood as a bunch of renegade hoodlums on choppers, causing problems wherever they went. Coming off the heels of the worldwide success of “The Endless Summer,” the groundbreaking film about the evolving surf culture of the 60s, director Bruce Brown set out to change the perception of motorcycling with the release of On Any Sunday. Brown was determined to capture the sport of motorcycling from his own unique perspective and lens. Along with his friends Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, and Mert Lawwill, Brown directed his camera at the action while focusing on the various disciplines of motorcycle racing and, most importantly to Bruce, the people and the community shaping it. From Mert Lawwill’s attempt to regain his Grand National #1 plate in dirt track and road racing, to Steve McQueen’s real-life weekend warrior racing in the desert and at the famed Elsinore Grand Prix, to Malcolm Smith’s other-worldly skills around the world at the International Six Days Trial, Baja racing, hillclimbing and trials. 50 years later, Bruce Brown Films now pays tribute to honor the entire motorcycle community by presenting the re-mastered and digitally enhanced 50th Anniversary On Any Sunday edition. This newly released masterpiece brings the audience a new experience to enjoy with friends and family! From color correction and image restoration to stunning PCM 5.1 surround sound of the original audio and soundtrack, this new movie relives the 70s like never before. In a world of YouTube, X-Games, and GoPro’s, the film still resonates with people of all ages because it’s about the stories, the action, and that humble, funny, and captivating voice of Bruce Brown. Though we lost Bruce Brown in 2017, his legacy lives on with this new version of On Any Sunday that is ready to be enjoyed by new generations who have never seen it on the big screen. Bruce wouldn’t have it any other way.
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