Get paid to host screening events in your local movie theater.

Sure you can make some money driving your car around, but you know what beats waiting in the carpool line at the airport? Making money hosting movie premieres at your local theater, that's what. All you have to do is pick an impact film from our catalog, request a location, date and time, and then start promoting. If you can get enough people to reserve tickets before the expiration date then the screening happens, and you make money. You also get to MC if you'd like. Here's the best part. If not enough people reserve tickets, the screening doesn't happen and no one's credit card is charged so there's no risk to anybody. We're like the Kickstarter for movie screenings.

How much can I make?

You tell us! Set you minimum guarantee. What's it worth to you to make the screening happen? $50? $150? The higher you set your minimum guarantee, the more expensive the movie ticket will be, so bear that in mind. If you want to guarantee yourself $100 and your screening requires 50 tickets to be confirmed, then $2 will be added to whatever the regular price of the ticket is (avg. $12 reg. price). That means if it sells out and the theater seats 225 people, you'd make $450 for that screening. Not a bad night's work, huh?

3 Steps

Select one of our films

Share Your Code

Get $2 Per Ticket

Why not, right?