Gathr for Thought-Leaders

Know Your Tribe

You have Followers. You have Likes. But, you have only a partial relationship with your audience. You need, and can have, more insight, perspective, and control.

See for yourself

I could earn up to $12,000 a month or $144,000 a year*

*Gross ticket sales.

Why Do Thought-leaders use Gathr?

Gathr has been at the nexus of exhibition, technology, and impact since 2011. We have developed the most innovative talent booking and distribution models in the industry. Full stop.


Creative Freedom

Nowhere else can you find a technology platform to field demand for your talent and to manage your own events.


Financial Control

Booking and ticketing are on a single platform that charges a fixed fee, per person fee, or a % of sales, so you are always in control.


Your Audience

Since you are booked and ticketed through Gathr's platform you have direct relationships with both the event's organizer and its audience.

How it works

To manage yourself on Gathr, and/or to leverage Gathr's event management, event ticketing, and virtual exhibition platform, you'll need to create an account first. It's totally free. Then...


Create a profile

This is your public facing Talent Profile. It can be a person, or a company. You can maintain several. 



Create an offering

Create virtual or in-person offerings, such as lectures, classes, consultations, fundraisers, shows, AMA's...



Get booked

Display your fees and availability to receive booking requests, or hide them and get inquiries.

Imagine what can happen when we Gathr.