Aminah West
Washington, DC, US
Aminah West, President at Inspiron Ventures, provides solutions to all aspects of business challenges in health care, real estate and beyond.

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Washington DC and Brooklyn based Aminah West is a Healthcare executive turned Health Care and Real Estate Entrepreneur.

The 5th of 8 children and eldest daughter in a working class family from Washington DC, Aminah’s life and work has taken her from the ‘hood’ to the Ivy leagues, from fortune 500 companies to rural global villages and over 35 countries; from academic excellence to leadership in healthcare, real estate, and beyond.

She has 20 years of Strategy and Operations consulting and leadership experience working across multiple parts of the Health Care Industry. Most recently, as Senior Vice President of a New York based physician practice management company, Aminah was second to the CEO, leading the organization to double its physical footprint of managed medical practices and triple profit in 3 years before leading a successful, 12X exit to Private Equity in 2019.

Aminah pivoted from her corporate path to entrepreneurship in 2019, starting up a boutique strategy and operations consulting offering (Inspiron Ventures) and delving into real estate entrepreneurship.

While Aminah continues to learn and evolve as a real estate entrepreneur, she is passionate about helping people to help themselves and coaches other working professionals to start (and scale) business ventures and Real Estate investing portfolios. Her goal is to help others achieve financial freedom, and create pathways for building and harnessing generational health and wealth.

She is also a strategic advisor to the Singula Institute, consulting on various aspects of start up strategy, operations and social impact community. Mental Health is critically close to Aminah’s heart given her own experience loosing loved ones to mental illness. She is passionate about creating new pathways to access and deliver quality care within a human community that comes to know and care better for persons suffering with mental illness.

Aminah holds a B.S. with Honors from Stanford University and a MBA with Honors from New York Stern School of Business.

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