David Hald

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Madrid, MD, ES
I am excited to learn more about your goals with Gathr, so I can better educate and recommend which features will benefit you most. Please feel free to book me for an upcoming Onboarding demo and start achieving your Event goals today.
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Your Goals with Gathr
Get personalized advice on how to diversify your income streams and build greater connections with your community.
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30 mins
Gathr Onboarding Demo
Whether you're an events expert or new to the format, there's something for everyone at this personalized free onboarding session. Are you an event organizer or subject expert, author, filmmaker, speaker or anyone else looking to up your event game? Do you want more time to focus on your event and less time spent on event busy work sending emails, writing lists, and crunching numbers? Ready to start monetizing your expertise with a streamlined, transparent process? Do you want to build multiple revenue streams from your events? Join us for a small-group demo session during which you'll learn all the ways Gathr can help you achieve this and more. This complimentary session includes an introduction to the platform, a conversation about your event goals, and a tailor-made walkthrough of Gathr focusing on the key features that can elevate your next event.
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45 mins

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Documentary Filmmaking: Insider Tips
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