Edwin Lim

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Singapore, SG
I am a free-lance, licensed tourist guide in Singapore since 2006. I hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing from a globally-ranked top 50 university.
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Singapore - Live Virtual Tour
In-Person or Virtual,
1 hr

This is a LIVE virtual walking tour of the historically-rich Civic District of Singapore. Located in the city center, this one-hour tour will cover the story of Singapore from its founding in 1819, to the present day as a prominent global city of 5.5 million residents. The tour is not a boring history lesson and neither is it just a sightseeing tour of key landmarks of the city but a live, engaging walking tour that includes stories of her people, her multi-cultural, multi-religious society and the lives that Singaporeans live. The Singapore Story comes alive in the form of interesting personal accounts and experiences, and participants will be actively engaged during the tour. Join me to learn more about the Singapore Story in this LIVE walking tour that promises to leave you tickled, and in awe as you are entertained with nuggets of interesting information about this fascinating island!

WW2 Singapore Battlefield Tour
1 hr 30 mins

This is a LIVE virtual tour about the Second World War in Singapore. "Battle for Singapore - February 1942" follows the chronology of the battle as it is fought between the invading Japanese and the defending British through the island of Singapore in February 1942. If you are interested in military history and battlefield sites in Singapore or someone who is just curious to learn more about this chapter of Singapore's history, then join me in this engaging and immersive online experience! This is not a boring history lesson but one that brings participants to actual battlefield sites (as they are today) and would include plenty of photos, maps, songs, videos, interactive polls and a Q & A session. In addition, you will get to know little-known insights of major characters involved in the battle and all these would give you a good overview of the battle and bring your imagination back to those tumultuous days of February 1942.

Making A Favorite Asian Snack
1 hr

If you have a sweet tooth and you can't do without your snack/dessert, then this is for you! Instead of the usual slice of cake or chocolate, why not try something unique from another culture and yet easy on the palate? The Ondeh Ondeh is one of the more popular, if not the most popular local snack in Singapore. A glutinous rice and sweet potato ball with palm sugar as a filling, this delicious creation is coated generously with shredded coconut. It is hard to pinpoint the country origin of Ondeh Ondeh as it is more cultural than country-based but it is safe to say this popular snack has a Peranakan influence, basically a mix of Malay and Chinese food practices found in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. But what I can confidently confirm is that this hour-long workshop promises lots of fun for you, your family and friends, and is a great “bonding activity”! So if you are ready, let’s move on to the kitchen!