Nate Schierman
Denver, CO, US
Singer, Musician, Producer and Songwriter.

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Nate Schierman signed with Innovative Records in 2003. He formed the Nate Schierman Band with guitarist Ron Greene and Bassist Ron Schierman. The trio would eventually bring Joseph Varela on as the full time drummer.
After two albums with the band and some college and internet radio success, Schierman Produced and recorded his first solo project The Fine Print Upfront which featured Eddie Ramirez on Bass.
Schierman signed with Dummy Boy Records in 2007, releasing the album Risk worldwide as well as launching his first radio single. Schierman was arrested however, and eventually took a plea deal for five years probation. Eventually, he would be admitted into rehab and spend over four years in prison.
He has produced several albums and worked as a session musician and co-writer. He Produced and co-wrote the I heart #1 single that topped Christina Perri and Mumford and Sons for eight weeks. The song Ask Me To also won the Soul for service award handed out by the Dallas Songwriters Association.
He has worked with Jon Knox, Mark Nemer, Anthony Sallee and Mark Chipello on numerous albums and has shared the stage with Allen Stone, Vicci Martinez, The Presidents of the United States of America, Jared Anderson, John Oszajca, Sergio Andrade (Lifehouse.)
In 2018 Schierman returned with the powerful EP Warrior Co-Produced by former Lifehouse bassist and co-founder, Sergio Andrade. He has three children and currently resides in St.Maries Idaho.

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