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San Diego, CA, US
Amy Huntsman is an experienced and highly qualified infant and child development specialist, credentialed and licensed in education and health care, and an Amazon best-selling author.
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In-Person or Virtual,
6 hrs

Live interactive introductory course, covering everything you ever wanted to know about caring for your newborn: suitable for expectant parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, babysitters, household helpers, and anyone else who might be caring for your family's joyful new addition. All of the most up-to-date evidence-based best practices, packaged into a single course delivered at your chosen date and time, for a up to eight participants (minimum payment: four participants), delivered via Zoom. Includes a written handbook for convenient reference.

Targeted Issue: Any age
In-Person or Virtual,
1 hr 30 mins

There are so many ways that children's behaviours can be and feel overwhelming! Book a consultation series for one type of behaviour concern, and experience a 90 min interactive consultation (which will be recorded and sent to you for future reference), and followup check-ins via email. INFANTS (BIRTH TO 1 YR), TODDLER YEARS (AGES 1-2) & PRESCHOOL (AGES 3-5) Sleeping, feeding, diapering & toilet learning, social behaviours, emotional regulation, transitions, tantrums & meltdowns, physical aggression, sibling issues. SCHOOL-AGE (AGES 6 TO 12) Social behaviours, emotional regulation, transitions, tantrums & meltdowns, physical aggression, sibling issues, eating, sleep & toileting. TEEN (AGES 12 AND OLDER) Social behaviours, conflict resolution and emotional regulation, technology & cyber-bullying, school & home transitions, meltdowns, physical aggression, sibling issues, sleep & eating challenges.

VIP Day for Parents
In-Person or Virtual,
6 hrs

Full-day workshop via Zoom, for up to two parents/guardians of a child or children of any age. Covers the nuts and bolts of neuroscience and approaches to child development, and allows for a customised focus on the current age and stage of your child(ren), as well as any particular areas of personal interest, eg behaviours, upcoming transitions, etc.

BLENDED FAMILIES: Becoming A Step-Parent
In-Person or Virtual,
6 hrs

A full-day intensive, personalised experience, to prepare you for the unique - and immensely rewarding - role of step-parent to your partner's child(ren) of any age. This consult course is customised for all of your blended family's specific needs and situation, including age(s) of child(ren), custody and visitation plans, etc. This course is offered for the step-parent to take alone - to allow for deepest engagement with the material - and a written handbook is provided for future reference, and to share with the step-parent's partner.

On Site Intensive: In Person
In-Person or Virtual,
12 hrs

A two-day program of in-person observation and intervention at your location, with remote support before/after. Fully vaccinated for influenza, pertussis, measles, COVID. The collaboration begins with a conversation about any aspects of the behaviour that you think might be helpful in decoding the behaviour issues. Then the first day in person is dedicated to observation of what is happening. After proposed interventions and more observation on the second day, the third day features further specific recommendations and refinements to the interventions as needed, with a followup conversation (up to one hour, via phone/zoom or email) after 1 week, 2 weeks, and 4 weeks to assess how the interventions and recommendations are working out and to fine-tune any aspects that still aren't working. Travel expenses, if applicable, depend on location and are not included.