Rika Kaplan

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Plantation, FL, US
I am a Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Shaman, Student of the Akashic Records and Holonomic Healing as well as a tarot card reader.
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Reiki, Revite and Readings
1 hr 30 mins

We begin with grounding through breath to center and prepare your body for energetic integration. I will use sacred Palo Santo to cleanse your auric field and then you will lie comfortably on the table immersed in shamanic drumming or other sound frequencies to deepen your experience. Throughout the session I will move around you locating and addressing the areas that need it the most. Once you are lighter through karmic clearing energy removal, I will revitalize you with targeted cold therapy. I use targeted cold therapy to energize and awaken your chakras and make your nervous system come alive for you once again. Due to the role of anti-inflammatory hormones in neurogenesis, the production of new neurons in the brain, cryotherapy helps increase energy levels, as well as improve focus, mood, and sleep. Cryotherapy will trigger your body’s production of endorphins, giving you an energy and mood boost. So expect to feel rejuvenated and ready after your session!

Reiki and Readings
1 hr

We begin with grounding through breath to center and prepare your body for energetic integration. We will pull tarot cards to get messages from your guides and find out what you need to know most. I will connect with your energy field and locate and address the areas that need it the most. I will teach you about your chakras (energy centers) and you will be taken through an experience of releasing and allowing the energy to flow. You will learn about your energetic field and how to keep it clear. This is a multi layered experience taking you from energy clearing to an energy boost. You will leave feeling more empowered and refreshed with your energetic system rebooted.