UnCharitable: A Live Conversation
Wed, Dec 13, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST
45 mins
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UnCharitable - A Live Conversation with Director/Producer Stephen Gyllenhaal and Producer Meredith Blake.

Moderated by Matthew Carey 

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Is the event live?
Yes! It will be live and we will take questions from the audience. You must register on the upper right side of this registration page to join the Live Town Hall on 12/13.
Will the event be recorded?
Yes! The event will be available for streaming at your convenience, shortly after its conclusion.

Helpful Information
About UnCharitable
Unleashed, charities can play the leading role in creating an unimaginably beautiful world that works for all. Non-profit fundraising trailblazer Dan Pallotta’s TED talk is the entry point for a look at how giving has been misunderstood, while charting a path towards change by giving differently.

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