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Streamline your consultations and expand your professional reach with seamless scheduling, personalized interactions, and high-quality video integration

Add a Revenue Stream with Streamlined 1:1 Calls

Capitalize on Your Expertise

Unlock the potential of your professional expertise and open up new avenues for income with GATHR's 1:1 calls. Our platform is designed not just to facilitate conversations, but to transform them into profitable opportunities. With easy-to-use features like Google Calendar sync and service-specific availability, you have the power to manage and monetize your consulting services effortlessly.

Features for all types of consultations

1:1 calls are engineered to cater to a wide range of consultation and coaching scenarios, offering adaptability for your online business. Whether you're conducting individualized coaching sessions, specialized expert consultations, or engaging in strategy discussions, our platform's features ensure that every aspect of your service is accommodated.

Custom Question Forms During Booking

Utilize customizable forms to capture client details at booking, enabling personalized and targeted sessions that enhance the overall consultation quality.

Automatic Notifications and Reminders

Deploy automated reminders for both you and your clients, effectively minimizing missed appointments and fostering consistent, professional communication.

Google Calendar Sync

Synchronize your consultations effortlessly with real-time calendar integration, aligning your schedule accurately to prevent overlaps and ensuring smooth client interactions.

Service-Specific Availability

Configure distinct availability settings for various consultation types, offering flexibility and clarity for clients booking your services, and streamlining your time management.

Integration with Google Meet and Zoom

Choose between Google Meet and Zoom for your video calls, ensuring a reliable, high-quality connection and a seamless call experience tailored to your preferences. No more emailing links at the last minute.

How it Works

1. Sync your Calendar
Connect your Google Calendar and set your availability for different services.
2. Customize the Experience
Create custom question forms to gather essential information before each call.
3. Share your scheduling page
Easily share your personalized scheduling page with clients, showcasing your available slots
4. Join the call
 We’ll remind you and your clients of all upcoming appointments

Cutting-edge features

Discover our advanced tools, each engineered to optimize your revenue streams and enhance your audience’s experience, forming a flexible, all-in-one platform that caters to all your engagement, monetization, and management needs

Advanced Scheduling Settings

Timezone Management

Google Meet Integration

Zoom Integration

Privacy Settings

High-converting Checkout

Automated Reminders

Supports all devices


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about 1:1 Calls
Why should I choose GATHR for 1:1 calls?
GATHR is an all-in-one solution for running an online business. Alongside its features for 1:1 calls, such as Google Calendar integration, high-quality video conferencing with Google Meet and Zoom, and customizable booking forms, GATHR offers a suite of additional tools like hosting webinars, selling products, and a fully integrated CRM. This holistic approach means that your 1:1 call services can be seamlessly integrated with other aspects of your business, providing a cohesive, efficient, and powerful platform for managing all your professional interactions and operations. 
Is GATHR suitable for conducting group consultations or webinars?
Absolutely. In addition to 1:1 consultations, GATHR supports group sessions and webinars, offering the same high-quality video integration and scheduling features to facilitate larger audience engagements.
Can I integrate GATHR's 1:1 calls with my existing website or social media platforms?
Yes, GATHR offers a customizable link that allows you to connect your 1:1 call feature with your existing website and social media platforms, providing a seamless experience for your clients from various digital touch points.
What types of consultations can I offer with GATHR?
With GATHR, you can offer a wide range of consultation types, tailored to your expertise and client needs. This includes individualized coaching sessions, business strategy consultations, personal development talks, educational workshops, and group webinars. Whether you're a speaker, consultant, filmmaker, professor, or author, GATHR can accommodate your specific consultation style and requirements.
How does GATHR handle different time zones?
GATHR automatically adjusts for different time zones, displaying your availability in the client’s local time, ensuring clarity and preventing confusion over scheduling times for both you and your international clients.
Is it possible to integrate GATHR's 1:1 call feature with other business tools I use?
Yes, GATHR is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of business tools. Our platform can integrate with your existing CRM systems, email marketing tools, and other software to create a cohesive workflow through Zapier.

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