Digital Products

Sell Digital Products & Grow
Your Reach

Transform your knowledge into a monetized library of ebooks, courses, templates, and downloads that build your brand and audience.

Effortlessly Create and Sell the Digital Products
Your Audience Craves

Elevate Your Impact
Expand your audience beyond events and in-person consulting. Share your knowledge, create new income streams, and solidify your credibility with valuable digital resources.

Effortless and Efficient
GATHR simplifies the process of creating, managing, and selling your digital products, streamlining your operations so you focus on what truly matters – your work.

Dedicated to Your Success
Our platform supports your needs at every stage, whether you're starting with your first ebook or creating a comprehensive portfolio of downloadable offerings.

Drive Sales During Webinars

Turn those moments of high engagement into sales opportunities. Offer relevant products right inside your webinars, allowing attendees to act immediately on their interest.

Feature Products Alongside Your Speaking Engagements

Offer targeted product upsells right in the event checkout flow of the events you’ve been booked for. Create complimentary income streams tied to your speaking engagements and deepen your connections with the audience.

Create Bundles with Event Tickets

Don't just sell a ticket, create a comprehensive learning package. Offer pre-event study materials, post-event cheat sheets, or even exclusive video content directly alongside registrations.

Seamless Payment Integration

Securely take payments with major providers. Avoid complex setup and give your audience purchase methods they already trust.

Audience Insights

Understand who's buying and how they're engaging with your products. Optimize content and offers based on clear data, not guesswork.

How it Works

1. Create Your Library
Add ebooks, templates, worksheets, audio guides, and more. Our tools make content organization simple and easy.
2. Set Your Value
Easy pricing, ticket bundles gives you total flexibility and a range of options tailored to your content and desired income model.
3. Engage and Grow
Market with confidence! GATHR's features bring in new purchasers and turn casual interest into lasting relationships with your expertise.

Cutting-edge features

Discover our advanced tools, each engineered to optimize your revenue streams and enhance your audience’s experience, forming a flexible, all-in-one platform that caters to all your engagement, monetization, and management needs

Built-in Marketing Tools

Product Add-ons

High-converting Checkout

Customizable Emails

Automated Communications

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Digital Products
Can I offer different types of digital products?
Absolutely. GATHR supports a wide range of digital formats, including ebooks, audio files, video content, templates, and more. This flexibility allows you to cater to varied interests and needs of your audience.
Is GATHR only for experts with large audiences?
Not at all! Our system supports those just starting out as well as seasoned pros. Whether just sharing with a few clients or launching your first major course, GATHR grows with you and your ambitions.
How quickly can I start selling my products?
With GATHR, you can start selling your digital products in minutes. Our user-friendly platform ensures a quick setup, allowing you to focus on creating and selling without any technical hassles.
Can I offer digital products alongside my existing services?
Absolutely! GATHR complements consulting, video courses, and speaking engagements beautifully. Add on-demand content for additional revenue opportunities or generate passive income during events.

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