Pay It Forward Ticketing

Amplify Your Film’s Reach with Pay It Forward Ticketing

Only GATHR offers PAY IT FORWARD, a Cause-Marketing solution for participating Event Producers.

Broaden Your Impact, Build Community

Extend Your Film’s Reach
The Pay It Forward Ticketing feature helps you reach new audiences by allowing ticket purchases for others, ensuring your film can be seen by a wider and more diverse group of viewers. This maximizes the impact of your documentary or film project.

Trust Through Transparency
Pay It Forward Ticketing ensures full transparency in ticket distribution. Real-time data tracking allows both filmmakers and audiences to see how donated tickets are being used, fostering trust and confidence in the process, reassuring donors that their contributions are making a real difference, and enhancing the integrity of your film’s distribution.

Community-Driven Support
By enabling your audience to support each other through ticket purchases, Pay It Forward Ticketing builds a strong sense of community. This collective effort not only boosts your film’s visibility but also creates a network of support for future projects.

“Pay It Forward Ticketing aligns perfectly with my goals of increased accessibility and social impact. By enabling viewers to support each other through ticket purchases, I can amplify the impact of my documentary and ensure that it reaches communities in India who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see it. GATHR's commitment to transparency and community empowerment is exactly what independent filmmakers like us need to continue telling important stories."

Leslie Shampaine
Director and Producer, Call Me Dancer

Integration Across Multiple Viewing Platforms

Pay It Forward Ticketing seamlessly integrates at checkout for various screening types, including theatrical, non-theatrical, in-person, virtual, hybrid, VOD, and Partner VODs. This ensures that your film can be easily accessed by a wide range of audiences.

Optimized Checkout for Donations and Ticket Claims

The checkout process is optimized to enhance the ease of donating and claiming tickets. This streamlined experience increases participation in the Pay It Forward Ticketing fund, promoting greater audience involvement and support.

Real-Time Updates and Audience Insights

Stay on top of ticket sales and usage with real-time monitoring. Access to comprehensive attendee data allows you to track engagement and gain valuable insights.

How it Works

1. Establish Your
PIF Fund
Set up a Pay It Forward Ticketing  fund on GATHR to start collecting ticket donations. This fund will enable your audience to support each other by purchasing tickets for those who might not afford them.
2. Promote and Share Your Fund
Share a direct link to the Pay It Forward Ticketing fund with your audience and encourage donations. Utilize social media, email campaigns, and community outreach to spread the word and drive contributions.
3. Organize Screenings or VOD
Create your film events, including in-person, virtual, hybrid screenings, or video on demand. Ensure the Pay It Forward Ticketing option is available at checkout to facilitate ticket claims and donations.
3. Watch Your Story Reach a Broader Audience
Monitor the impact of your PIF fund in real-time. See how donated tickets are used and watch your film reach a wider, more diverse audience, fostering greater community engagement and support.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Pay It Forward Ticketing
What is the Pay It Forward Ticketing feature?
Pay It Forward Ticketing allows your audience to purchase tickets for others, enabling broader access to your film. This feature fosters community support and expands your film's reach to those might not be able to afford it.
How does Pay It Forward Ticketing work at checkout?
During the checkout process, viewers will have the option to claim or contribute tickets to others. This seamless integration makes it easy for your audience to participate in the Pay It Forward Ticketing initiative.
What types of events support Pay It Forward Ticketing ?
Pay It Forward Ticketing can be integrated with various types of events, including theatrical and non-theatrical screenings, in-person events, virtual and hybrid events, and video on demand (VOD) and Partner VODs.
How does Pay It Forward Ticketing enhance community engagement?
By enabling ticket donations, Pay It Forward Ticketing fosters a sense of community and mutual support. Audience members can see the direct impact of their contributions, which strengthens their connection to your film and encourages a supportive viewing community.
How do I set up a Pay It Forward Ticketing fund?
You can easily set up a Pay It Forward Ticketing fund on the GATHR platform. Navigate to the Pay It Forward Ticketing section of your film, create a new fund and follow the prompts to customize it for your screenings or Video On Demand.
Can I track the usage of contributed tickets?
How do I promote my Pay It Forward Ticketing fund?
Promote your fund through social media, email campaigns, and community outreach. GATHR also provides tools and resources to help you spread the word and encourage donations.

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