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Transform the way your films are viewed, experienced, and monetized with GATHR's state-of-the-art Video on Demand

Cinematic Brilliance, Distribution Mastery:
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Unmatched Cinematic Experience

Every pixel tells a story. Our advanced technology ensures that your films are streamed in unparalleled clarity and detail, delivering an immersive experience that rivals the theatrical experience.

Empowerment through Self-Distribution

You control how your film is presented to the world. From geo-targeting to setting viewing windows, every decision is yours. This power of self-distribution not only enhances your creative freedom but also opens up new avenues for revenue and audience engagement.

Geo-Fencing: Tailored Reach for Your Film

Unlock the power of strategic audience targeting with our Geo-Fencing feature. Decide where your film is showcased, creating exclusive experiences for different regions. Select markets, host regional premieres, or even restrict viewership based on strategic distribution plans.

Start and End Sales Dates: Command Your Film’s Availability

Take control of your film's lifecycle. With GATHR VOD, you can set specific start and end sales dates, giving you the flexibility to align your film's availability with marketing strategies, festival screenings, or exclusive viewing events.

Custom Pre-Roll: Your Brand, Your Introduction

Introduce your film with a personalized touch. Our Custom Pre-Roll feature lets you add your brand’s flair or specific messages before the film begins. Enhance brand identity, deliver targeted messages, or set the tone for your audience.

Rent or Offer Unlimited Access: Flexible Monetization

Choose how your audience accesses your films. Whether it's through rental, one-time purchase for indefinite access, or supporting your work through donations, GATHR VOD offers diverse monetization models. Adapt to viewer preferences and maximize revenue without compromising.

Secure Distribution: Safeguard Your Creativity

VOD guarantees that your films are distributed securely, protecting them from piracy and unauthorized use. We understand the value of your work and ensure it is shielded with the highest standards of digital rights management.

How it Works

1. List Your Film
Securely list your film to our platform with ease.
2. Set Your Preferences
Choose your geo-fencing areas, sales dates, and pre-roll.
3. Select Monetization Options
Decide how you want to monetize - rent, purchase, or donations.
4. Go Live
Launch your film to a worldwide audience and track its performance with our advanced analytics.

Cutting-edge features

Discover our advanced tools, each engineered to optimize your revenue streams and enhance your audience’s experience, forming a flexible, all-in-one platform that caters to all your engagement, monetization, and management needs

Custom Registration


Custom Privacy Settings

Product Bundles

Video Scheduling

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Custom CTAs


Rental Window

Automated Reminders

New Feature

Partner Transactional Video On demand: Self-Distribution Beyond Your Marketing Channels

Breaking new ground in film self-distribution, Partner Transactional Video On Demands enables filmmakers to partner with various organizations, each hosting their own version of your film’s Video On Demands. This novel approach allows for a significant expansion of your film’s monetization potential and audience reach. With a simple click, these organizations can seamlessly integrate your film into their marketing, each becoming a new distribution channel operating under the conditions you set. More eyes on your work and more revenue opportunities, all while you maintain control over how your film is presented and shared.

Broadened Reach

Effortlessly connect with diverse organizations, expanding your audience beyond traditional channels.

Revenue Growth

Unlock a new monetization model as each partner becomes a revenue-generating platform for your film.

Controlled Distribution

Retain full authority over how your film is presented and shared, ensuring it aligns with your vision.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Video On Demand
What is VOD and how does it benefit filmmakers?
Video on Demand is the latest addition to GATHR's toolset that offers filmmakers the ability to stream their content globally, providing tools for self-distribution, monetization, and enhanced viewer engagement.
Can I set start and end sales dates for my films?
Yes, GATHR VOD lets you specify sales dates, giving you control over the availability and timing of your film's release.
How does GATHR VOD ensure the security of my content?
Our platform uses advanced security measures, including secure link distribution and digital rights management, to protect your films from unauthorized access and piracy.
Is there support for live virtual screenings and webinars?
Yes, GATHR VOD supports live virtual screenings and webinars, providing an interactive way to engage with your audience.
Can I sell merchandise related to my film on GATHR VOD?
Yes, you can sell both physical and digital merchandise related to your film, offering upsells to your audience and an additional revenue stream.
How does the geo-fencing feature work?
Geo-fencing allows you to define specific geographic regions where your content can be streamed, enabling targeted distribution and marketing strategies.
What are the options for monetizing my films on
You can monetize your films through various models, including rentals, purchases for unlimited access, and accepting donations.
Can I customize the pre-roll content for my films?
Absolutely, GATHR VOD offers the ability to customize pre-roll content, allowing you to set the tone for your film or promote your brand.
Can I track viewer engagement and performance analytics?
GATHR provides detailed analytics, helping you track viewer engagement, performance metrics, and gain insights into your audience's preferences.

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