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Get your film seen in a theaters across the country and eliminate all financial risk. Beats four-walling a theater yourself.

Tribal films with impact objectives have dedicated, but decentralized audiences, and traditional distribution cannot capture those communities in a cost effective way. TOD® allows you to show your film in movie theaters without paying theater rental fees.

Make money!

You share a percentage of the box office

Attract corporate sponsors

Theatrical On Demand® attracts vital corporate sponsorship, which subsidizes film campaigns’ marketing and outreach efforts. In return, participating sponsors receive advantageous brand exposure that furthers their initiatives within corporate social responsibility, diversity, HR and marketing departments.

Measure your impact

Because we are a ticketing platform, Gathr connects directly with the attendees allowing filmmakers to enjoy direct relationships with their audience. This engagement arms filmmakers with the ability to execute and measure their post-screening impact objectives.

Your fans become your amplifiers

Fans promote your screenings to their communities. Lower your marketing costs.

Make your screening an event!

Follow with a Q&A’s, filmmaker appearances, raffles, pre-dinners, special presentations and more! Your Movie Captains can make each screening unique.

Collect data from all your screenings

You receive data for all your screenings including emails for all your ticket buyers and all your gross box office statistics.

Use the screening as a fundraiser

Any screening can be used to raise funds for a related cause.

Sell your merch on our platform!

Any related merchandise can be sold on our platform including pre-sales of your DVD.

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“Gathr screening provided an evening of entertainment while bringing people together around a topic about which they are deeply passionate.
As a filmmaker, it does not get much better than that."

Laurel ChitenJust One Drop